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Vintage Indy Registry

Welcome to the Vintage Indy Registry, dedicated to the history and preservation of Indianapolis Championship Cars from 1911-1997.Through the collective efforts of enthusiasts, specialists and professionals, the register's goal is to help ensure that these cars are more broadly appreciated and their history correctly preserved for future generations.The register represents each individual car's carefully and accurately documented legacy
assembled from museums, collections and individual owners of -
“The Greatest Cars in Racing”™.

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We welcome our sponsor, Hagerty® Insurance. A name many of you are all familiar with. Watch for their support and participation in future Vintage Indy Registry ™ events . The Vintage Indy Registry™ award Presented by HAGERTY® for Excellence.
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Welcome to our new partner & the "Official Burger" of The Vintage Registry™

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In the early 1990s, the BUBBA burger® was created by Walter “Bubba” Eaves. Bubba had a mission and a dream to create a perfect and juicy burger.

As Bubba says “he wanted to create a burger that he would be proud to serve to his friends at his home.”
Bubba invented a unique production method that allows for the BUBBA burger® to be cooked from a frozen state and still remain juicy and flavorful. He also decided that he would use only the highest quality meat in his burger. He refused to use any fillers or trimmings in his burger and, to ensure the highest possible quality, decided to use only whole muscle meat chucks in the BUBBA burger®. Since he was so proud of his creation he named his burger the BUBBA burger® and with these high standards the BUBBA burger® was born!

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Dedicated to preserving, interpreting and displaying physical items significant in racing and automotive history.

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The iconic cars of the Vintage Indy Registry™ are coming to Gateway Motor Sports Park
August 24th - 25th.


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Bell Racing Helmets is the world's leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art head protection designed for professional and amateur drivers competing in the sport of auto racing. The Bell name in synonymous with safety, innovation, performance and engineering excellence. Bell helmets have been worn and trusted by more champions, in all forms of racing, than any other brand. Further information about Bell Racing is available at www.bellracing.com.

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Can-Am Cars LTD has been an international vintage race car specialist for the past 40+ years. We are a source for Indy Race Cars and rare race car parts. We consistently have a large inventory of available race cars at our facilities in St. Louis, MO. We specialize in transaxles by Hewland, (LG, DG, DGB, VG) Weismann, and have an extensive inventory of replacement parts. We source cars and parts from all over the globe, so if you are looking for something not found on our website (canamcarsltd.com), please contact us with your needs. We also offer consignment services and can assist you with your collection development. Our expertise includes all types of Indy, Can-Am, Formula, and prototype race cars, and exotic street cars. We are passionate about displaying and driving these cars and have participated in many exciting vintage race car events.
ask for Jeff Downes
canamcarsltd.com jeffd@canamcarsltd.com 314-602-3140

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Who better to work on vintage Indy Cars than the mechanics that worked on them originally?

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The Vintage Indy Registry™ welcomes partners and advertisers from the motor racing world. For information see our Contact Advertising page.

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Miles Ahead conducts exhilarating driving experiences for auto manufacturers and dealers seeking to positively influence prospective customers’ purchasing decisions. Originally launched at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Miles Ahead now conducts the MINI Challenge program across the United States for MINI USA. The company also created the BMW X-perience for BMW of North America providing driving enthusiasts with memorable driving experiences in BMW's X1, X2 and X3 Sports Activity Vehicles. Miles Ahead also conducts corporate team building events
with a motorsports theme.
For more information, contact Ted Woerner at


Official Transporter
for the Vintage Indy Registry.™

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Classic Car Carrier, Inc. has been named the "Official Transporter" for the Vintage Indy Registry.™ For over 25 years Classic Car Carrier has been trusted with the care and transportation
of some of the most iconic and valuable automobiles in the country."
For more information click on the logo above or call -
Ed Dalton. 317-769-3609

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"world's finest drills, taps, electrical connectors, fasteners and chemicals".
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for more information call -
Ted Kuhns. 734-730-5979.

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An excellent place to go for the latest
in IndyCar coverage.
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Since 1982, Fresh Air Systems has been a well known brand name in all venues of racing. We began our business by bringing filtered air to drivers' helmets to cool, clean, and fogging. F.A.S.T. was borne of an idea that drivers were breathing too much track dust from under the helmets, primarily in dirt racing. Asphalt drivers followed suit, learning that by adding an air intake filtering system they can

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The Vintage Indy Registry is pleased to announce Omologato Watches as their Official Timepiece and award partner. Omologato's watches are motorsport inspired and hand-assembled.

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The Vintage Indy Registry™ is pleased to announce Hinchman Indy® as our Official Driver's Uniform and safety gear provider
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Vintage Motorsport magazine,
‘The Journal of Motor Racing History'is the award-winning bimonthlythat dives deep into motorsportshistory – the cars, the drivers andtracks that made them all legends.
Click on the magazine cover above
or call 800.626.9937 to subscribe now!
Vintage Motorsport magazine,

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breathe less track contaminants, and better quality air will benefit their performance on the track.
In addition to being the only helmet service department for the Nextel (and former Winston) Cup drivers, we supply air filtering and cooling systems to drivers in all venues including stock car, drag racers, sprint car, midgets, legends, mini stocks, sports car, prototypes, off road trucks and buggies, late model dirt stocks, land speed breakers, club racers and weekend warriors!
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"Lemons of Love is an adventure run solely on the generosity of humanity.” – Jill Swanson Peltier 
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We have a Winner! Another MX-5 Global Cup Car given away!
The winner of the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup Car is....Daniel Miller!!! We want to thank everyone that participated in the giveaway as it exceeded our expectations this year. Find out more about Dan Miller on our event page. We're doing it again in 2019! click on photo above.

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Founders of Vintage Indy Registry™

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Ron Nelson

Ron is a long time photographer of racing and pro-football. He began his career as a mid-west photographer for Competition Press and covered major events from Watkins Glen, Indy, Road America, Meadowdale, the Milwaukee Mile and other events. In 1960 Ron began to shoot for the Chicago Bears P.R. department and covered them until they moved to Soldier Field. He has published a book - Pro Football at Wrigley Field.
Contact Ron for information on advertising and submitting information on your car.
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Mike Lashmett

It was Mike Lashmett's uncle who built and raced mid-west super modifieds that fostered his interest in racing, ultimately leading to a crew member position in the early 1970's with famed chief mechanic George Bignotti at both Vel's Parnelli Jones Racing and the STP Patrick Racing Teams. Now retired he most recently crewed on the '72 AAR Eagle of Philippe de Lespinay. Mike brings a wealth of historical knowledge to the Vintage Indy Registry.

Patronize Our Advertisers

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Racemaker Press
is an award-winning, unique publisher specializing in niche books on automotive racing and its history. With a particular focus on American Open-wheel racing, Racemaker is determined to keep the sport’s rich history alive for future generations.

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The Vintage Indy Registry™ Media Team

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Meet Robert Underwood IV. Robert, is the official Vidiographer for Vintage Indy Registry™ Robert will be shooting our event at Gateway Motorsport Park on August 24-25. Click below to visit his work for James French Racing at the 2016 Road America IMSA race.


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Meet Steve Zautke, Steve brings a wealth of knowledge to our web site. He has been around the Milwaukee Mile since he was old enough to have his Father (Film photographer at the Mile) bring him there. Steve has his radio show weekly 105.7FM The FAN and is an author and contributor to various racing publications.

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Meet Richard Deming Jr.
Richard will be shooting our event at
Gateway Motorsport Park
on August 24-25.
Also Richard is the official photographer for Vintage Indy Registry™ and will be shooting at various events our members will be attending. Visit the Gallery page for examples of Richards' work.

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Meet Kent Kriegshauser, an independent photographer who lives in Galesburg, IL.
While living in his hometown of Pittsfield, IL, at the age of 14, Kriegshauser attended his second Indianapolis 500. It was there he saw the access photographers were granted to the cars and drivers he loved.
“My cameras have given me a front row seat to life,” Kent states.

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